Performer Biographies:

Greg and Kristi have performed for more than 20 years. Each of these performers has a considerable solo career as well as their performance work together. In the past decade they have created seven science-based shows for the Ontario Science Centre, as well as touring North America extensively with their school show Fizzical Fizzicks and their other shows, Cake and I Scream! and Spin Cycle.

Kristi Heath has been a professional performer since the age of eighteen, beginning her career with the Second City comedy revue company. Once she figured out how to combine her background in comedy and theatre with goofy circus tricks, she became a very happy person. She has been performing her own unique style of physical comedy around the world ever since, including engagements with Cirque du Soleil and performances in Japan, Korea, Europe, New Zealand, Singapore and coast to coast in Canada and the US.

Greg Tarlin's remarkable skills earned him the title of Canadian juggling champion at the age of 20 and since then he has performed in Japan, Korea, at the North Pole for Canada's military, coast to coast in Canada, the USA and aboard cruise ships. His vast repertoire of skills includes 7 ball and 5 club juggling, ball spinning, unicycling, stilt walking, rola bola, yo-yo and plate spinning!

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Greg Tarlin and Kristi Heath have created another hit with their new show, Spaced Out!  Combining their skills as circus performers and variety artists with their love of science, these two performers have come up with a show that is both jam-packed full of information about our solar system and also great fun to watch.  Greg and Kristi have created numerous shows for the Ontario Science Centre and have performed with Cirque du Soleil and Second City.  They have performed all over this planet for people of all ages and nationalities.

Spaced Out! is a school show that gives students a live picture of the size and scale of our solar system.  Fast, funny and factual, Spaced Out! presents information about the characteristics of each planet in our solar system, the sun, the asteroid belt and a proper scale model of our solar system.  It's a close look at our planet earth compared to our neighbouring planets. Spaced Out! originally premiered at the Ontario Science Centre and is from the creators of Fizzical Fizzicks. It’s a show that will rock your world!  

Download the resource guide!

spaced out resource kit.pdf 

This 11 page PDF file contains a glossary of terms, and some writing, science, and art activity suggestions, including a “phases of the moon” flipbook.

"This was a very engaging, age appropriate and educational show for our students.  They were extremely interested in the topic and very entertained by the ‘fun’ nature of the show.  I would highly recommend this show for any elementary school."

        Joanne Shaw, Vice-Principal, École Heather Park Elementary, Prince George, BC